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Elementary Inclement Weather Alternate Method of Instruction Days Plan

This school year our inclement weather days will be different for staff and students. In the past, during
inclement weather school would be canceled for teachers and students. Now that the state of Missouri has
allowed districts to have distance learning from home, we have the opportunity to use our inclement weather
days as an Alternate Method of Instruction days or AMI distance learning days.
What happens during AMI distance learning days?
On the AMI days, teaching will be effectively facilitated, utilizing the electronic distance learning platform
(Canvas). An AMI day will include, but not be limited to:
● Completion and submission of lessons and activities
● Independent practice and application of previously taught concepts
● Apps or web-based software to teach/reinforce concepts
● Assigned reading, study, or activity to introduce new concepts
How many AMI distance learning days can we use?
District officials may claim up to 36 calendar hours and the associated attendance during any one school year
using our AMI plan.
What does an AMI distance learning day look like for students?
● Students should check their online learning platform (Canvas) by 9:00 am to see what the teacher has
planned on the modified agenda for the day.
● The Zoom expectation is that students will complete a 30-minute lesson in reading and a 30-minute lesson
in math, with additional small group instruction and meetings as needed.
● There will be a posted assignment or project that the student must show either progress or completion
(depending on the stated expectation from the teacher).
● Attendance will not be counted for those students who do not virtually attend an AMI day. Students
must log into Canvas and complete any posted assignment for that day for a positive attendance to be
marked. A student who fails to log into Canvas will be counted as “absent” for that AMI day.
● All special services will be provided if the service would normally fall on that day and will be arranged during
the asynchronistic time block.
9:00-9:30 Whole-group readingK-1
9:30-11:00 Work time for students / small group or individual time with teacher as assigned
11:00-11:30 Brain Break/PE K-1/Art 2-3/Music 4-51
11:30-12:30 Lunch/Recess Break
1:30-12:30 Lunch/Recess Break
12:30-1:00 Brain Break/PE 2-3/Art 4-5/Music
1:00-1:30 Whole-group math
1:30-3:00 Work time for students / small group
3:00-3:30 Brain Break/PE 4-5/Art K-1/Music 2-3
3:30-4:00 Office hours