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Counseling Office

What is the School Counselor’s Job?
The counselor works with students to help them develop academically, personally, and socially. School counselors work closely with parents, teachers, and principals to provide students with the best possible resources and services. The school counselor implements the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance program which addresses competencies in the following areas:
1. Academic Development
2. Personal and Social Development
3. Career Development

How does the counselor help your child?
· Classroom Guidance Lessons
· Individual Counseling
· Small Counseling Groups
· Gifted Program Testing
· Consultation and Collaboration with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators
· Referral to Community Resources

Confidentiality is perhaps the most important job of the counselor. It means that anything said in a counseling session is kept between the counselor and the student. HOWEVER, in order to keep students safe, there are 3 important exceptions to this rule:
1. If someone is hurting/has hurt the student
2. If the student is hurting/has hurt someone else
3. If the student is hurting/has hurt him or herself
John Sonderman
Guidance Counselor