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Health Room

The purpose of the district health services program is to help each student attend school in optimum health and to benefit from the school experience.

Nurses/health paraprofessionals serve under the direction of the building principal and, if necessary, under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. All contact with parents/guardians regarding health services will be made by the nurse/health paraprofessional, the principal, or designee. The provisions of the student health services program will include the following items:

1) Continuous health appraisal of all students at all grade levels. All students shall be subject to a perfunctory examination by the school nurse whenever such examination is deemed necessary.

2) The administration of state laws which protect the health of children attending public schools in Missouri. The laws require the following:
  • Immunization against certain contagious diseases.
  • Exclusion from attendance of students having contagious diseases or who are not in compliance with state regulation concerning immunizations.
  • Emergency first aid treatment for accident or illness occurring during the school day.
  • Guidance and counseling concerning health problems of students.
  • Home visitations of students, as needed.
  • Maintenance of student health records.
  • Screening tests for health barriers to education in vision, hearing and speech. Parents/Guardians will receive a written notice of any health barriers to education which interfere or tend to interfere with a student’s progress.